Understanding the New Generations of Young People, Gen Y and Gen Z

Because today’s children grew up in a completely different world than their parents and grandparents, understanding the differences in thoughts, values and experiences between these generations is a useful starting point. It also simplifies the concept of intergenerational divide and explains why sometimes grandparents simply need to shake their heads about the behavior and values of their grandchildren. There is no right or wrong, just everything is different because of different factors affecting different generations.

Baby Boomer is the name given to people born between 1948 and 1964, and while some of the young baby boomers may be parents of the current generation, they are more likely to be grandparents of today’s children.

One of the defining characteristics of baby boomers was that they tended to consider themselves to be a special generation, very different from those before them, because they were born to parents who had just survived World War II, problems and shortages. in the established base. In the 1960s, when many young people became teenagers and young people, they created a very specific culture and history around their generation and the changes they caused. The image they created had a significant impact on the self-perception of baby boomers, and they were the first to define the world from a generational perspective.

Generation X, usually abbreviated to Gen X,

is a term used to refer to the next generation of babies born after baby boomers, but generally until the 1980s. They were known as the “jet generation.”
Older generations tend to have a negative attitude towards jet generations because they find it difficult to understand why they want to be different. These people tend to be more pragmatic and conscious, more skilful, but with lower morals and more money-oriented than art, unlike their parents.

A recent study found that this generation earned less in real dollars than their fathers of the same age in 1974, which reversed the historical trend towards ever higher wages. It was also in this group that the total income of the family as a whole was higher every year compared to the baby boom generation, as more women felt freer and entered the labour market, which increased family income.

Generation X took off in the early 1990s, and cultural and musical movements such as grunge and hip-hop became popular. To this day, the influence of Generation X is still very strong.
Millennials, also known as millennials, are a term used to describe babies born after Generation X.

There are no exact dates for the beginning and end of the millennium, but most commentators use dates between the 1980s and early 1990s.
Generation Y is primarily descended from the baby boom generation.

This generation came of age during and after the 1980s, during the so-called digital revolution, so terms such as “Clean Generation” and “First Digital” are sometimes used to describe Generation Y.

Millennials, like other generations, were shaped by the events, leaders, development and trends of their time. The advent of instant communication technologies, which have been made possible by the use of the Internet, such as email, SMS, MSN and Yahoo chat, as well as new media used through websites such as YouTube and networking sites. Social networks, such as mySpace and Facebook, can make millennials have a reputation for peer-to-peer and seeking immediate satisfaction. This communication trend continues in the generation.

The current group of descendants is called Generation q (also known as Generation I, The Internet Generation, or iGeneration). This is a generation of people living in the cultures of the West or the First World, born from the 1990s to the 2000s. After Generation Y they tend to be the children of the youngest baby boomers, Generation X and young people of Generation Y.

Generation q is considered to be very active consumers, having a big influence on parents’ purchasing decisions. Look at the number of ads aimed at 10-year-olds – for example, in fast food outlets like McDonald’s and Burger King.

Generation q is closely connected and has grown up with communication and digital media technologies such as DVDs, the Internet, instant messaging, text messages, MP3 players, cell phones and YouTube, for which they have been nicknamed “digital Aboriginal”. Most of gen’s children in the Western world today have their own mobile phones.

Generation q has grown up in a world where gender equality at work and at home is more widely accepted and where single or same-sex parents are more prevalent, as well as double-income families. Their lives are filled with structured activities, and a number of sociologists expect that the representatives of generation will have a strong social conscience and work ethic. It is these last two generations, Generation Y and Generation Y, that may well save the planet from human doom.

Millennials, the forerunners of Generation Y, were a generation of tension when children were taking technology in a way their parents’ generation (baby boomers) could never have. Generation Y differs from Generation Y in that they are the first generation in which parents and children have adopted technology together. As a generation of consumers, this cohort of kids can be seen as children now – they want everything now and want everything their friends have and what they see on TV.

Some of the definitions in this article are taken from Wikipedia.

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