Top 10 Christmas Gifts For the Ice Fishing Enthusiast

Finding the right gift for a winter fisherman in your life can be tricky. For those who don’t go out on the ice, all available amenities can look good or bad depending on your point of view. This article is designed to help you navigate the ice fishing equipment market and find the perfect gift. If the ice fisherman in your life has not updated his equipment for more than 5 years, he really lacks great achievements in this area, designed to catch more fish, increase mobility and combine it all with great comfort.

1) Flasher for winter fishing
If the person you’re shopping with doesn’t have a flash, each flash takes his ice fishing to a new level. The flashing light is literally the best tool that will help the fisherman catch more fish. Popular base models – Vexilar FL-8 and Marcum VX-1. Whether you want to become a leader in your life or become a winter fisherman, you already have a basic head model for the Marcum LX-5 or Vexilar FL-20.

2) Screw for ice cream
Every fisherman on ice needs a hole in the ice to catch fish. For beginners, a hand drill is a great way to start. Today’s models are quickly cut and retain their advantage for a long time. Look at models like Strikemaster Lazer or Nils Master Auger. For a winter fisherman who has adopted the mantra of modern ice fishing, a screw with a gasoline engine can punch many holes in a short period of time.

3) Portable Ice House
The advantage of a modern portable ice fishing house is that it is light, so you can easily move it over long distances, adjust it in seconds and provide excellent protection from bad weather. For a winter fisherman who loves comfort and warmth, a portable ice shelter will be the perfect gift. Popular models include the Fish Trap series from Clam, Otter Products and Eskimo.

4) Ice rod
Over the past 10 years, fishing rods have come a long way. Modern models are specially designed for ice fishing and have spikes that provide strength and good load without sacrificing sensitivity. A popular base model is the Genz Stix, created by Dave Genz, a precursor to ice fishing.

5) Portable propane heater
The ice fisherman in your life probably already has a sunflower or similar propane heater. While this will probably still work well, rest assured that there will be no problem if you buy them a newer and safer model. The portable driver and The Fat Buddy as well as the propane catalytic heaters Coleman are safe inside, while pumping an impressive amount of heat.

6) Council
Ideal for catching pikes while catching other species. Tipping is simply necessary for an ice fisherman. In accordance with the laws on ice fishing, which allow the use of several cords, the tip is a great way to install a second line and give it a signal when the fish pecked at the bait.

7) Light patterns
The appearance of glowing jig bait was a real gift for fishermen all over the world. These devices emit light and therefore attract fish. Sometimes these forms greatly increase the chances of catching fish. Lindy has a large selection of these devices, including the Genz bug and Frostee’s spinner.

8) Ice sheets
Designed to provide excellent grip on slippery ice, ice traps can be sent by God on clean ice or ice, from squats to slippery ones.

9) Camera for underwater ice fish
Nothing brings the underwater world in which the fish lives, better than the underwater camera of the ice fish. Ice anglers can use these cameras to see how the fish reacts to their serve, and how they can fine-tune the behavior of your jig bait in the water.

10) Fishing Rod Case
Designed to protect expensive fishing rods preferred by the best anglers, it is also an easy way to carry winter fishing gear. Buy one to save a high-tech fishing rod that your fisherman has bought in the past.

So, you have a great list where you can find a great gift for ice fishing for this special person in your life. Any of these gifts is sure to bring a smile to the ice fisherman in your life.


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