The Right Time and Place


Roy… I’m sending you this quote from Soto zen, Sobogenzo Juimondi from Dogen, please read.

Someone once advised Dogen to go to Japan for Easter if he wanted to see the prosperity of Buddhism.

Dogen said: “I don’t agree. If someone really wants to study Buddhism, they will come here, even if they have to cross mountains, rivers and seas. To learn, I don’t know. They’ll listen to me. They won’t. I do this “Can I get people out of the way just for my own earnings or because I want material well-being? It would have bothered me. I won’t delve into the essence of the matter.”

This week you responded to a series of articles in an electronic journal requested by the editor. You did so with a sincere desire to contribute to healing. The publisher has published several articles in the electronic journal itself, and you randomly chose the articles without realizing that you responded to two of their articles. The electronic magazine was female and emphasized participation or cancellation as a condition of membership. A line in the magazine’s advertisement read:


The comments you left to Roy’s articles were mature and informative and were intended to give the author the opportunity to take responsibility for his own healing, they were appropriate. The author lived for years in the drama of his own situation, and it was fitting that I brought you to this man. The response to your comments was also appropriate given their current situation. She deleted your articles from her email journal, removed your name from her list of contributors, and permanently blocked you.

Roy… she must have read these comments and you were available at the right time and in the right place. When you have time to think about it, awareness will help her begin her journey to recovery. I didn’t send you to her by accident. Thanks to this experience, you have come to a new awareness of your own, so I sent you the above quote. You don’t have to do your best to find people who can help you, and don’t try.

Those who are ready will find you. It is appropriate that you have your own books, articles and website; these are symbols of your enlightenment, and while they benefit you, others also benefit.

Spiritual negligence is the result of helping where it is not needed or unnecessary. This woman has also publicly revealed her website and articles and it is the physical symbols or her consciousness. She contacted this through an electronic magazine, and the comments she has received so far are “kind” comments that confirm her belief in her current situation. The burden of his recovery falls on his own shoulders, not on yours, the shoulders of God or anyone else.

It is noteworthy that she asked for comments on her articles and at a certain level of consciousness is ready for the help she is so desperately seeking. She didn’t like your comments about her abuse because they put the blame on her shoulders. At a higher level of consciousness, the mind knows that it creates the conditions it experiences and is not their victim. There are no innocent victims. She reacted strongly because she considered herself a victim of violence and could not take part in it. Violence breeds violence, and she saw in your comments an attack, not a help. Growing up, mistreating a man, she did the right thing, understanding how some men communicate.

Your comments were good, Roy, and you didn’t have to scold yourself as requested. The soul is undamaged, and only the ego is damaged. Don’t think about losing your articles posted on this site, they serve your purpose. You have published hundreds of articles that have been well received and I promise you hundreds more.

All strangers come with Roy’s gifts, but they are not always accepted on a conscious level. You have received blessings from this experience, and it comes back to you again and again.

Live well and prosper

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. NLP student, ordained pastor, Lightworker and New Age Teacher. Roy has written and published five books on the wisdom of the New Age. Roy’s books make you think and are designed to give you the opportunity to take responsibility for your life and what you create.


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