Facebook – Online Marketing’s Best Kept Secret

You can pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the biggest and best marketing campaigns. But is it worth spending so much money to find your potential customers/customers? Is it really worth chopping down a hundred trees to print your last flyer “You’re a beauty”? It’s time to find out why online marketing (and Facebook in particular) offers the best value you’ll ever spend on business advertising.

Facebook is the most important part of your social media optimization (SMO). Not only is Facebook not only the largest social networking website in the world, it allows businesses to create their own Facebook profiles and connect with millions of subscribers around the world. Imagine people watching, likes, commenting on your products/services or even signing up through RSS. All this attention will guide visitors to your site. This will improve your search engine optimization (SEO), make you more focused on your business and ultimately improve your results!

Here are 5 of my top tips for setting up a business profile page on Facebook:

  1. Make sure your profile page is attractive
    It’s one thing to create a profile page and another to get the audience’s attention. It is important that your profile page is attractive, well-built and clear images, has a modern look and provide viewers with the information they are looking for, without having to search too hard. If you don’t know how to create a profile page, hire a professional. It will be a profitable investment!

Advertise all corporate events
If you’re hosting a seminar, an open conference, a special day, an exhibition, or any other event, you should advertise on your Facebook page. Facebook has a convenient and free “Events” section! Accommodation of events will not only arouse interest among spectators, but, of course, can encourage them to visit. Their presence can generate positive comments on your page, including comments, additional subscriptions, likes, etc.

  1. Download your well-known business contacts.
    Every business should have a well-managed database of contacts floating in the office. It is possible that these contacts have email addresses and it is possible that they have Facebook accounts. Encourage them to subscribe to your Facebook profile page via RSS and receive regular updates about your business.
  2. Publish regularly and relatively
    A Facebook profile page is a great start, but believe me when I say it’s useless if you leave it dormant. By regularly posting on your page, you will ensure that subscribers receive information about your business that interests them. The information you publish should be relevant to your business, to be clear and concise. This is important because information overload, misuse of messages and unrelated information will scare all subscribers away from your page.
  3. Add value
    Social media optimization (SMO) is an added value. It’s not about selling your goods and services. Posting articles, blogs and other useful information will add value to your company’s name and attract visitors to your site. Trying to sell a product or service will prevent people from visiting your profile page. The pursuit of valuable information should not be underestimated. If you stick to the golden value-added rule, your SMO will certainly go in the right direction.

Lee Schraner – Partner – Gen’ Web Solutions

Lee Schraner is a partner in the SEO division of Melbourne Gen’ Web Solutions. He specializes in SEO, social networking and website development. His experience in these fields has enabled him to form expert opinion and develop articles and content useful to others in the industry.


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